Mixing theatre with therapy - laughter therapy. Discover the power of the chuckle and see what it can do for your body and mind.

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Why laughing?

You may have tried many different therapies, but I guarantee none have been anything like this. Laughter releases a rush of endorphins which attack our stress hormones and leave us more relaxed as well as being our bodies natural pain killer. This is one of the many reasons that Laughter is a brilliant medicine for anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and other mental illness as well as physical issues, aches and pains.

Fun Fact - Our bodies don't know the difference between involuntary and voluntary laughter, which means you can create this same stress busting effect through facilitated laughter therapy and laughter yoga.

The laughter show can help bring this therapy to life in a number of ways, including:

One to One Therapy

Sophie will work with you one to one to teach you the techniques and exercises of laughter therapy, and show you how you can incorporate this therapy into your everyday life.

Group Therapy

Work through the principles of laughter therapy with a group of others in a workshop style setting. A perfect way to access this incredible treatment without breaking the bank (and learning with others is fun!)

Laughter Shows

Turning the theatre into therapy. With many years experience in the arts combined with our expertise in laughter therapy, The Laughter Show are proud to be the first to marry theatre, comedy and therapy. Our laughter shows occur bi-annually and boast a cacophony of music, dance and drama from various genres and backgrounds - all guaranteed to make you leave feeling lighter and happier.

Meet Sophie, founder of The Laughter Show.


I had my first laughter therapy session with Sophie yesterday! I had no idea what to expect and wasn't even convinced I needed it, but boy was I pleasantly surprised. The session was so good...Sophie covered so much about how beneficial laughter is for the body and mind, and she made me feel completely at ease while showing me some of the laughing techniques. I left the session feeling totally relaxed and really uplifted. I can't recommend this enough!
Amy Box

I attended the free Bristol session last night and WOW! Excuse the cliche but it was a right LAUGH! Within a group of strangers, Sophie made everyone feel at ease and shared her knowledge clearly and by the end I felt our group of strangers shared a fantastic fun evening and I certainly left feeling more whole than I went in. I am already looking at booking Sophie in again. Cannot recommend enough! I feel everyone could benefit from a session of laughter therapy whether you know it or not.
Jenn Pera

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Hey there! I'm Sophie.

I'm a professional laughter therapist, and lifelong comedian.

Those with funny bones don't get a free pass from the grip of anxiety and depression, and I've had my fair share of rough times.

That's how I know I can help you. With a combined passion for theatre, making people laugh and helping people, I've created something which can do just that.

The Laughter Show was born out of my desire to find people struggling and help them to laugh.

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Don't worry - we don't pass on your details and won't contact you for any reason other than to keep you up to date with workshops, shows, hints and tips!

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